With nearly 40 years of experience, The Cleanery can professionally service almost any personal, household or specialty item. From t-shirts to leather jackets, you can trust us to keep your garments looking their absolute best. In fact, when it comes to servicing leather, most city dry cleaners agree our expertise is unrivaled.

We're pleased to offer cleaning services for the following items:

Leather, Suede & Fur Cleaning, Renewal and Storage

We can clean and surface dye worn, stained and heavily soiled leather and suede garments to make them look good as new. After cleaning, we apply a weatherproofing solution to help prevent rain marks and stop liquid stains from soaking into the garment.

We recommend cleaning furs at least every 2-3 years and storing them in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. The Cleanery provides both cleaning and off-season storage services.

Wedding, Graduation & Fine Gown Cleaning and Preservation

To ensure your bridal or fine gown continues to look pure and pristine, we suggest having your gown professionally cleaned immediately after your wedding, graduation or other special event.

The Cleanery can also assist in the long-term conservation of your wedding gown by arranging it in an heirloom box.

Fire & Flood Restoration

When tragedy strikes, we can help. The Cleanery makes it a priority to be accommodating and prompt when providing household and business disaster relief. Often we can arrive on the scene within hours.

Our cleaning process specifically targets and removes odours including smoke, moisture and mildew from clothing and household fabrics. And with rush service, we can deliver clean clothing as early as the following day.

Household Fabric Cleaning

We can clean most household items, including woolen or man-made area rugs, linens, down or polyester-filled comforters and draperies. Using ultraviolet light, we are also able to clean down-filled pillows.

Outerwear and Work Wear Cleaning

Our industry clients range from independent contractors to small and large industrial shops. We can clean and finish anything, from the dirtiest oil patch coveralls to the most crisply pressed uniforms, as well as coats, parkas and fire-retardant service wear.

Alterations and Repairs

Our experienced seamstresses can repair any fabric from leather to fire-retardant Nomex. The Cleanery also offers alteration services for most clothing items, including wedding gowns.